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Holistic wellness is a means of living a healthy lifestyle that includes looking at the body as an entire system, and addressing its needs as a whole. A healthy body should be strong, flexible, resilient, pain-free, resistant to disease, and fun to live, work, and play in. To explore more about any aspect of holistic wellness, choose a category below, or read on for more information.

We will explore these areas in  detail:

New Fun Ways to Exercise

New Fun Ways to Exercise 
Ways to make getting your daily exercise feel like more of a joy, and less of a chore.

Community Supported Agriculture Community Supported Agriculture
How to find the freshest, most healthful sources of food.

Cooking from Scratch Cooking From Scratch
Yes it can be fast, fun, and easy! Find out how.

Sustainable Gardening Sustainable Gardening
Ideas for growing your own  healthy foods, even in a small

Natural Relief for Chronic Pain Natural Relief for Chronic Pain
Find ways to correct chronic pain problems, which don't involve toxic drugs or expensive surgery.

Toxic Load Reducing Your Toxic Load
Choose natural, organic products and follow these easy tips to reduce the impact of common chemicals on your body.

Health (or holistic wellness, as we define it) is arguably the cornerstone of a balanced life. Although we will discuss many different important facets of a balanced life, without health, you will not be able to live to your fullest potential in any area. Without a sound and vigorous mind and body, you cannot fully enjoy your wealth, relationships, or spiritual growth, so holistic wellness and healthy living is a major focus of our site.

We use the words holistic wellness to describe our approach, as many people think of "healthy" as meaning dieting, good health care, or visiting the gym every day. However, to truly bring our bodies to their full potential, a more comprehensive approach is required -- one that includes not just nutrition and exercise, but the right sources and combinations of food, exercise that is fun and easy to stick with, a body free from pain, and a connection between our mind and body, which includes learning to listen to what it is saying to us. Holistic wellness addresses all of these areas.

Our bodies were built to be strong, flexible, and active.

Is yours?

Today's modern "conveniences" and economic model have led to a sedentary lifestyle, and slowly our bodies are losing their ability to function as they are supposed to. Heart disease, diabetes, and other weight-related disorders magnify and exacerbate the problem, but it isn't just illness that is the issue.

To practice holistic wellness also means addressing the problem of chronic pain conditions, which have become one of the major health issues in this country. Lack of use causes our muscles to shrink and shorten. Unable to perform their proper functions, muscles are unable to hold the bones in the correct position, and this results in posture, gait, and movement problems, causing the final result of pain. People flock to surgeons, pop pain pills, and, in many cases, continue to get worse, not better.

What if there were a simple way to correct musculoskeletal pain without drugs or surgery of any kind?

Certainly drugs and surgery have their place, in extreme circumstances. But how procedures would be unnecessary, for example, if people focused more on holistic wellness, true nutrition, exercise and maintaining a healthy weight? And how many surgeries are performed that don't seem to provide much relief after all?

Surely there has to be a better way. After all, most of us struggle to get even a minimal amount of exercise each day. How different from the constant necessary activity of our ancestors' lives! Yet today's economy, culture and industry do not afford us these same opportunities (except perhaps in the minority cases of farmers or laborers).

Holistic HealthAnd the proliferation of nutritionally empty "foods" on our supermarket (and refrigerator) shelves hardly leads to the practice of holistic wellness! Most of our diet consists of junk and empty, fattening calories. (Even if you think you eat pretty well, you may be surprised to find out how much your daily diet is truly lacking.)

But part of living a lifestyle of holistic wellness must be to take responsibility for our own health, including what we eat, our activity level, our exposure to toxic substances, AND our healthcare, and making a reasonable, consistent effort to bring our bodies back to a healthy state of functionality and strength.

We will explore a several different, but related areas of health and holistic wellness, and offer some ideas to maximize, maintain, and improve upon your current health situation, whatever it may be:



Including new fun ways to exercise in your daily routine is key to being able to develop healthy habits that will stick with you and fit into your lifestyle, without feeling like a chore. There are many options out there that will challenge and strengthen your body, and make you feel so good, you'll want to do them every day!

New Fun Ways to Exercise



-- Using programs such as farmer's markets and community supported agriculture will help you find the best, freshest foods, that will both nourish you, and help you learn to feel a sense of responsibility for your participation in the local ecosystem.

Community Supported Agriculture


-- Sustainable gardening can be a great way to relieve daily stress, while adding fresh, wholesome, naturally grown produce to your diet, as well as giving you and your family a sense of personal accomplishment!

Sustainable Gardening


-- Cooking from scratch can be easier than you think, and is a great way to create delicious and healthful meals that you and your family can enjoy with satisfaction and pride, and it can be easier on your budget than you would expect!

Cooking From Scratch

Pain Relief


We will explore some noninvasive techniques of natural relief for chronic pain that are fairly simple, easy to perform, and that have been proven to be very effective. Our recommended sources offer brief, simple exercises to bring your body back into alignment, and strengthen key muscles that will restore your body's functionality and reduce discomfort.

Natural Relief for Chronic Pain

Toxic Load


Every day, our bodies are bombarded with chemicals from numerous different sources. These chemicals accumulate in our tissues throughout our lifetime, causing a wide variety of health problems and chronic diseases. In this section, we will explore some of the many sources of exposure, as well as some ways we can responsibly avoid and reduce the effects of these toxins on our bodies.

Toxic Load



So-called "alternative" methods of health and wellness care are becoming more and more mainstream in recent years. As a country, our health is very poor -- in fact, we fall quite low on the list of developed nations in terms of both quality of health and life expectancy. Obviously the conventional approach to medicine is not working very well. There are myriad different approaches to wellness; we will explore some of the options, as well as resources for finding a healthcare practioner who can help you learn more about some of these less conventional, but quite effective methods.


Holistic Wellness: A Comprehensive Approach to Health

Note: The suggestions given here are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any given condition. Before beginning any physical activity, it is advisable to consider any pre-existing conditions, as well as your overall health and fitness level. Please use common sense when practicing holistic wellness, and, if circumstances warrant, consult your healthcare practitioner.