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Ask just about anybody what their biggest health fear is, and you will most likely hear "cancer" at the top of the list - which is not surprising, considering that statistics show 1 out of 2 people will experience some type of cancer in their lifetime.

There is so much fear surrounding cancer because we still don't fully understand it. Cancer is a complex disease. It can be caused by literally thousands of different factors, and it can impact any part of the body individually, and can also spread throughout the body.

Millions of dollars are thrown towards "cancer research" every year, but still, we remain without a "cure." The truth is, a "cure" for cancer may be a long time coming, simply because of the complexity I just mentioned.

However, there are numerous natural substances that are already known to fight and even reverse cancer in various stages. Most of these work, of course, by strengthening the immune system. Your body is already naturally an amazing cancer fighter! It is when our bodies become toxic (through consistent exposure to hundreds of different chemicals in our environment), or weakened due to chronic stress, lack of sleep, improper nutrition, etc. that they become unable to perform their natural cancer-fighting functions.

The truth is, there is a chronic health problem in our country today that most people - including doctors - aren't talking about, and this a big part of the reason why cancer is so misunderstood - and so prevalent in today's modern world...

That problem is…

The lack of holistic or “whole-body” understanding throughout the mainstream medical community about how our bodies, our nutrition, and our minds work together naturally to heal disease… especially when it comes to cancer.

In fact, nutrition is not even taught in most medical schools! You can become a certified medical doctor today without having an ounce of knowledge about nutrition. But it's not really their faults. After all, the medical establishment is a behemoth that plays by their own set of rules. They need doctors who will keep prescribing pills, surgery, radiation, chemo and more to maintain the status quo...

To make matters worse, the understanding we have of our human bodies is going through a massive shift. Things are moving remarkably fast in the world of natural health!

It seems like every day there are new discoveries which are leading to a much deeper understanding on a molecular level about how our bodies manage to keep us alive and thriving.

New ideas in epigenetics, nutritional ketosis and light and sound therapies for treating cancer as well as other modern diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s are happening every minute of every day across the country and the globe.

Modern natural health warriors lead the way with "outside the box" ideas that may range far from the mainstream understanding of health… but some of the most interesting “breakthroughs” are actually coming to light as we begin to really examine our human ancestors.

A new breed of researchers, scientists and doctors are digging deep into our past to better understand how natural medicine has healed humans for centuries and even millennia.

Up until the very recent past, humans survived and even thrived using only what nature had to provide, and we’re learning every day just how powerful and effective some of those ancient remedies can be.  For example, “useless” plants, herbs and "weeds" that humans used for centuries to assist with healing are proving to have more potential than today's doctors ever thought possible.

And this week, there is an awesome event that I wanted to let you know about, where all these fantastic new ideas and amazing re-discoveries are coming together...

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If you or a loved one is suffering from cancer, this information could very well save their lives. And if you worry about cancer, this information will help you to take control of your health and could even prevent the unthinkable from happening to you.

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