Benefits of spirituality
We often talk about the other aspects of holistic living - good health, proper financial balance, happy and fulfilling relationships, etc., but although these are all important pillars, we can't forget that spirituality is an essential piece of the puzzle. Whatever spiritual practices you choose to follow, having this connection to something higher and outside of yourself is necessary if we want to be truly happy and fulfilled and have a complete and balanced life.

As this article mentions, "Happiness, is in part, a byproduct of achievement best gained when we’re working from something and for something larger than ourselves."

No matter how successful we are in the other areas of our lives, without a sense of a connection to this "something larger," it will be hard to find true meaning and purpose.

Here are 7 reasons why a daily spiritual practice will make your life happier and more complete:

1.) Improved Relationships & Connection With Others

Most spiritual traditions around the world include a central tenant of community. Some anthropologists surmise that in this way, religion helped us become the dominate species that we are. By participating in a common belief system or set of rituals, we defined ourselves as a tribe, which helped us to develop social constructs and bond with others as a group to ensure our continued survival. To this day, this feeling of "belonging" that comes with participating in a spiritual community provides us with a sense of safety and security, and increases our well-being and our sense of meaning in life.

As psychologist and author Sherrie Campbell states, "
Whether it is attendance to church, a meditation group, even a running group, a yoga studio or a Spartan race team; membership and participation provides a sense of belonging and builds a strong network of social and emotional support."

2.) Support Through Life's Challenges
"As we get stronger, we come to view our painful times as contemplative opportunities, and eventually come to trust that the hardships we pass through are designed to makes us stronger and wiser as people."
When we feel connected to a group of people via a spiritual community, we develop a sense of faith that we are supported - both externally and internally - when challenges and hardships inevitably arise. Having a defined spiritual practice and a deeply held philosophy to live by provides us with a calm and centered place where we can seek support and refuge when we need to. This helps us to develop into stronger and more resilient beings.

3.) A Realization That We Are Never Alone
"When we are spiritual we learn that we are not by ourselves, we are with ourselves."
When we being to recognize the interconnectedness between our own lives and every other person and being, it becomes very evident that we always have company on our journey. For me, this was one of my most important revelations when becoming a Christian. I developed a sense that no matter what happened in life, I would get through it with support and guidance from others and that "still, small voice", and very rarely since then have I ever felt alone or isolated. After all, the amazing world filled with God's wonderful creation surrounds me everywhere I go!

4.) A Sense of Acceptance

This may be one of the most important benefits of embracing a spiritual practice - at least in my opinion. So much of the struggle and strife in our lives comes from not accepting things or people as they are. When we begin to develop a sense of acceptance and appreciate ourselves and others without expecting perfection, we are able to experience so much less stress and more peace and joy!

Letting go of bitterness, anger, and hurt allows us to enjoy and appreciate all of the many wonderful things that we have. Not only does it lower our stress levels, but it also improves our relationships immeasurably, as well as our health. Less stress means lower blood pressure, a healthier heart, more energy, and even better skin!

Realize that your Creator made you - and everyone else - perfect just the way you are. Accept that your flaws and faults are just a part of the plan. This doesn't mean you can't and shouldn't strive to improve yourself, achieve goals, or become a better person (see #5 below) - but it does mean letting go of judgement of yourself and others in order to find a deeper peace and happiness.

5.) We Make More Mindful & Responsible Choices

As we develop a deeper love and understanding of ourselves and those around us, we also gain a sense of responsibility that reminds us that our actions have consequences - both for ourselves, each other, and the planet. Developing as a spiritual being means finding ourselves becoming more healthy, loving, humble, and kind. We naturally begin to shed unhealthy habits that may be harming our bodies, our loved ones, or the world around us. And instead, we begin to act in ways that enrich, uplift, and care for ourselves and for others as we find ways to live from a place of peace and maturity.

6.) Having a Spiritual Conversation Helps You Find the Greater You

Whatever your idea of God is, a spiritual practice should help you connect with that daily. Whether you choose to pray, read, write in a journal, meditate, or whatever your form of communication may be, we all need to have a daily connection with the "inner us," our higher selves.

For me it's yoga. My Kundalini yoga practice helps me get in touch with that inner and outer sense of wisdom and knowledge that we all have, but most of us forget or rarely tap into.

Connecting with this source of power helps to change our perspective on the world, and to see "the bigger picture," instead of being stuck inside of our own little worries and fears all the time. From this higher perspective you are able to make healthier choices and wiser decisions.

7.) Humility

Ah, humility - the great equalizer. Almost all spiritual philosophies emphasize humility to some extent, and for good reason. Humility recognizes that we are all the same - we all have flaws, faults, and foibles. We all fall short sometimes. By embracing spiritual humility, we become less judgemental, more generous, kinder, and more empathetic.

Paradoxically, by becoming more humble, we also begin to recognize our own abundance. We begin to appreciate life more, we become happier with the things we have, and we gain the true "emotional wealth that can sustain our spirits and our hope in life and people."

In summary,
"Spirituality helps to buffer our fears, to protect our hearts, and to bring us a sense of resilience from a communal support. A strong life philosophy serves to raise our levels of consciousness in how we handle ourselves, how we handle people, and how we think about life and approach our problems. Spirituality brings a depth and a maturity that grows us into healthier, happier and wealthier people..."
There is no question that we are spiritual beings. The only question is, how do we enact a daily spiritual practice that will enrich ourselves and those around us, and help us to live healthier, happier, and more holistically balanced lives? This is the goal of spirituality, and it is a journey each of us must discover for ourselves. But when we do, all of these benefits will be ours, and no matter what form your journey takes, you can be sure it will be worth it.

To your (spiritual) health,





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