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This time of year, with the fresh air and sunshine of spring all around us, and dreams of beach vacations dancing in our heads, many people are inspired to start a new diet or undertake a "cleanse" or detox program.

Unfortunately, far too many of us have failed at diets - either finding them too restrictive to continue, or simply getting tired of missing out on all of our favorite foods and not seeing the results we were hoping for. Consequently, statistics show that most people who lose weight through dieting will gain it right back again within a matter of months (or sometimes weeks).

Detox programs are often difficult, and even though they may work in the short term, choking down weird concoctions or swallowing loads of pills every day gets old fast, so many people give up before they lose the weight they were hoping to.

what if you could achieve the same weight-loss effects without counting calories…and achieve dozens of other health benefits at the same time?

Benefits like eliminating inflammation. Like joints not hurting as you cleanse excess sodium from your system. Like better digestive function. Like brain fog clearing. Like anxiety or depression lifting so you get your energy and joy for life back!

When your focus is on optimizing and healing your organs of elimination, you just might find that you kill 10 birds with the same stone!

What 10 birds? That's what you'll find out in this month's "freebie!"

In this free detox "master class," author, researcher, and clinical therapist Robyn Openshaw shares ten different reasons you might want to tackle a significant detox…..rather than doing that same old DIET. (Again.)

Watch the Video: 10 Health Benefits of Detoxing

Robin knows what she's talking about. She has been studying human detoxification with the best holistic doctors, on 4 different continents, for 25 years! (You might have heard of her as “the Green Smoothie Girl” online.)

That's why I’m really excited to invite you to her Detox Video Mini Masterclass going on right now, and it’s all FREE!
  • You’ll learn why detoxing can lead to permanent weight loss, versus a diet.

  • You’ll discover what the 7 types of toxicity are in YOUR body, and how to eliminate them.

  • You’ll also learn the 8 most detoxifying foods. (And the 11 most toxic foods!)

Go watch the video now, and don’t be surprised if you end up getting off the dieting merry-go-round for good!

However, the Detox Video Mini Masterclass closes in just a few days, so make sure you go sign up to watch it now... (And invite a friend too - someone you’d love to have as your "Accountability Buddy" in a detox!)

Get Access to the Free Masterclass Here...




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