The vaccination debate
Few health debates have raged more fiercely in the past several years than the vaccine debate. Even well-known celebrities and late-night talk show hosts have debated the topic on both sides - and with good reason.

While the mainstream medical establishment asserts unequivocally that vaccines are completely safe, and every child should be fully vaccinated, a growing number of concerned parents and natural health experts have warned against various health issues that may be caused or worsened by vaccines - particularly the rise in the incidence of autism. There are literally thousands of anecdotal stories of children showing autistic symptoms immediately after receiving a battery of vaccines - though medical science denies these claims. Other citizens simply don't wish to feel forced by the government or medical establishment to medicate their children.

Whatever the reason is, there are a growing number of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children - and some health officials are becoming concerned about the potential risks to public health, such as the resurgence of diseases that have been mostly eradicated by widespread vaccination, including polio and others.

The interesting video below explores both sides of this debate in detail, and sheds light on the pros and cons of vaccinations.

What's your take on the vaccine debate? Is it merely conspiracy theories versus science? Or is there something deeper at play here that merits further study and investigation?

If you are interested in learning more, there is an excellent free documentary series available this week that you may want to check out. This video series, titled The Truth About Vaccines, explores both sides of the vaccine debate in depth, and features a number of doctors, medical professionals, and other health experts sharing information and tips to help you make the best decision for your family when it comes to vaccinating your children.

This eye-opening event starts this Wednesday, but you will need to register in advance for free access to the videos.

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