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Fall always feels like a time of change to me. Some people get all excited about spring cleaning, or making plans for summer, but for me, fall is always the time when I want to clean out the closets, reorganize the house, and plan out the next few months. The clutter of the year seems to be piling up, and it's time for a fresh start - or something...  (Maybe that's why Election Day is in the fall??)  :-)

Anyway, this year, I'm implementing a new strategy to (hopefully) help me get - and stay - on track with everything. Much as I love blogging, it takes a ton of time, and sometimes (a lot of the time), that means neglecting other things that need to get done - like planning, strategizing, or just plain taking a rest and doing something else for a few days!

So, I'm implementing "Blogging Break Week." For one whole week, I am taking a break from blogging on ALL of my blogs, and tackling a bunch of other projects that I have been putting off.

Some of those projects may even impact you, dear reader!

I've got a couple of changes coming your way on the website very soon. One will be an update and probably complete overhaul to our "Resources" and "Products" sections. These will have a new look, an updated feel, and will be much easier to use to find what you need to lead a healthier and more holistically balanced life! I will also be updating a lot of the links on this site, some of which are currently out of date (sorry about that). Lastly, I will soon be providing some new free resources throughout the site, so be sure to keep an eye out for those, and grab a copy when you see them, as I will likely try to change them up more often over the coming months.

I had planned on an updated look for the weekly email newsletter as well, but we hit a snag with that, so for now, we will be sticking with the current version. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can get weekly updates on all of our holistic living topics through the quick form to the right - go ahead - fill it out - I'll wait! :-)

So, since I will not be blogging next week, I thought I would share links here to some of our more popular previous posts, in case you've missed them...

Here are a few of our favorites, by category - and a couple of our reader favorites too:

Food & Nutrition:

The Happy Cow/Does Your Food Dance? (How to eat meat ethically.)

The Only 2 Rules for Healthy Eating You Will Ever Need (My credo for healthy eating - distilled in 2 simple rules.)

The Truth About Butter (There are several other really helpful links in this one, so be sure to check those out too...)

Health & Wellness:

The Cure For All Disease

Would You Say "Yes" to This Dangerous Drug? (If you, or anyone you know has high cholesterol, you need to read this!)

The #1 Problem With the #1 Drug In the World (A follow up to the post above.)

Religion & Spirituality:

Is Your Body a Temple? (My first post ever on this blog - and still one of my favorites!) :-)

Health Is Your Natural State

Sustainable Gardening/Homesteading:

A Year In The Life Of a Hay Bale
(Because readers ask me all the time about hay bale gardening!)

That ought to keep you busy for a few days.... :-)

I'll be back with a new post after next week's break; in the meantime, I'll be working hard on making the updates mentioned above, doing some garden (and office) cleanup, spending some time with the hubby, and experiencing my first "chicken processing day" - sounds like fun, no?  Maybe, if you're lucky, I'll share some details next time... :-)

To a happy, healthy, holistically balanced life!




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