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With all the craziness going on lately with regards to health and nutrition, you may be wondering where we're heading as a species.

Will we all have to become vegan for the planet to survive, or can we still eat meat? Will GMOs kill us all, or are they okay? How can we possibly regain our health with all the conflicting information floating around out there?

This interesting video sheds some light on the subject of healthy eating, and how we can learn to eat healthier while still preserving the planet's precious resources.

You may have heard me mention Thrive Marketplace before. It's one of my favorite companies - not only because they provide affordable access to quality, healthy products, but also because they have an awesome mission that I really believe in!

That's why I'm excited to share this video with you today - it's an interview with Thrive's founder, Gunnar Lovelace.

In it, he discusses a number of topics that have long-term implications for the future of our health and the food that we eat, including: 

- A thoughtful and cautious approach to GMOs in our food. While we tend to become very polarized in our viewpoints - including those about food - the truth is that GMOs could potentially have some value in our food supply.  There are ways in which certain carefully researched genetic modifications can improve the efficiency and health of certain crops. The problem is that we have begun to indiscriminately use GMOs everywhere, without a long-term and holistic view of their effects on our environment and our health.

- The importance of learning to take responsibility for our role in our own health and what we eat. Yes, we have primal urges to eat lots of things like fat and sugar, and the food industry knows this, and capitalizes on it. However, we do still have the power to fight these primitive urges and make a different choice. While there are certainly larger, systemic problems that need to be addressed within our food system as a whole - including production, distribution, and marketing - when it comes right down to it, you and I are the ones responsible for what we put into our bodies each day. It's easy to point the finger of blame, but the truth is, the daily choices you make regarding the food you consume are the largest determiner of your future health.

- Despite our modern passion for individualism, the truth is that we live in an interconnected world, and the choices we make do impact the world around us. Every aspect of our food supply - from how we produce and distribute it, to how we consume it, impacts both the economy and the environment. In order to survive as a species on this planet, we must learn to recognize and respect the connections around us, and make choices that nurture and protect the planet, rather than destroy it.

- How do we challenge people to take responsibility for learning about healthy eating, while also helping to improve access to healthy foods for everyone?

- Why we should choose local sources of food, the imperative to stop supporting factory farming, and lots more.

Watch the video below to learn more about creating a healthy future for ourselves and our planet through the foods we eat.

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