Cancer prevention
Did you know that 90% of all cancers are preventable? That's right - out of the 14 million new cases of cancer diagnosed each year, only 5-10% are caused by hereditary factors. This means that 90-95% of cancers are caused by things that you can control.

So why the heck is cancer predicted to increase by 70% over the next 20 years?  If we know it's preventable, then why aren't we doing a better job of preventing it?

There are likely a number of reasons that factor in. From money (a big one), to simple ignorance of the factors that cause cancer, there are quite a few barriers to reducing the incidence of cancer in our modern world. Which is pretty sad, when you think about it....  We spend far more money on healthcare than any other developed country in the world, and yet we have the fastest growing rates of some of the most deadly diseases - including cancer.

So what are the causes of cancer, and how can we take preventative steps ahead of time, to keep it from happening to us?

First of all, let's discuss what cancer is, and why it happens.

Cancer occurs when cellular changes occur in the body that create unchecked growth of malfunctioning or cancerous cells. We all have hundreds (if not thousands) of these improperly functioning cells in our bodies at any given time. But in a healthy body, your immune system takes care of these cells by eliminating them from your body so that they don't become a problem. (I've mentioned before the importance of a well-functioning, healthy immune system, and this is just one (big) reason why it's so important.) 

There are probably hundreds of reasons why things can go wrong and lead to cancer, but in general, it all starts with the strength of your immune system. If it doesn't function like it should and get rid of the cancerous cells, they can clump together and start to proliferate, forming their own little colonies that, eventually, can become tumors. (This is a simplistic explanation, but it covers the basics.)

So what causes the immune system to slack off on the job like this?  Again, there are myriad factors that can impact your immune system, including environmental toxins, poor nutrition, smoking, stress,  and other toxic influences that we all run into on a regular basis.

It may sound daunting, but this is actually good news, as most of these are factors that you can control!

As more people become aware of this fact, and start to re-learn about how our bodies work together with the natural environment to stay healthy, there has been more attention paid to cancer than many other diseases - partly because it is one of the most dreaded (and most common) modern diseases today, and partly because it is so very preventable.

I shared some information with you last month about an online event discussing cancer and cancer treatments, and many doctors and well-known natural health specialists took part. However, this month there is another event I wanted to let you  know about, as this summit focuses specifically on natural approaches to prevention.

Yes, cures are extremely important if you already have cancer, but if we can educate people ahead of time on how to prevent cancer from happening to them in the first place, we will eventually eliminate the need for a cure!

If you or someone you know is worried about cancer, or simply wants to learn more about it and how you can reduce your risk, I encourage you to register for FREE to attend the online Cancer Prevention Summit, which starts tomorrow (May 16th), and runs all week.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered during the event:
  • Learn natural & preventive ways to create a hostile environment for cancer
  • Discover foods, herbs & supplements clinically shown to prevent cancer
  • Identify carcinogens in food, water, household products & cosmetics
  • Learn about immune system suppressants: stress, sleep habits, emotions & thoughts
  • Understand your risks for different types of cancer
  • Gain the knowledge of healthy alternatives to common carcinogens
  • Add preventive and healthy practices to your life

The summit is put together by Razi Berry, and here is a bit of information about her from the website:

Razi Ann Berry’s personal journey from illness to health 15 years ago led her to engage the leaders in natural and preventive medicine about what truly protects health and creates wellness. She created The Natural Cancer Prevention Summit to teach you about the prevention of cancer-causing environmental, nutritional and stress-related risk factors in order to protect your health and wellness.

Click Here to Register...

I hope you are able to attend; it's totally free, and there is no obligation, and I think you will really learn a lot!

On a quick personal note, I'm turning 40 next weekend!! My family is coming to visit for the occasion, and will be seeing our little homestead for the first time, so I'm super excited!  That said, I will be spending time with the fam, and trying to get the garden finished, so I will not be posting next weekend. I wish you a wonderful week, and will be back the following Sunday with your regularly scheduled (de)programming!  :-)

To your health,

P.S. Don't forget to register now for the Natural Cancer Prevention Summit - it's free for this week only!



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