Well, I'm back from my birthday "stay-cation," and it has been a wonderful week! Busy - but wonderful. I got to spend time with some of my wonderful family, who came to see our little homestead for the first time, and also got to see some wonderful friends I had not seen in a long time, as well as spend some quality time with my wonderful husband.

I will try to keep it short today (we'll see how that goes), but wanted to address something I've been mulling over since this morning....

But I am going to tell you up front that you might not like this one....


I'm not exactly sure, but it seems that although this is a holistic living blog, every time I address something other than just physical health, people aren't all that happy about it. I think this is a mistaken way of looking at things, and here's why.

The reason I called this site "New Holistic Living" is that I wanted to emphasize the point that everything is connected. We - and the world we live in - are all inter-related, and we all fit together to make a greater whole. And we all need to find a healthy balance of the different aspects that make life complete and fulfilling.

One piece that seems to be missing for a lot of people today is the spiritual aspect. You can talk about holism all day long, but when it comes down to it, if you don't have a healthy spiritual life, your life isn't really whole.

Now, I'm not here to try to convince anyone of the validity of a particular religion. I happen to be a Christian, but I have great respect for other philosophies and belief systems, and for me, it's all ONE GOD.

I heard it said once that spirituality is your (internal) relationship with a greater power, and religion is the (external) way you observe and carry out that relationship. For me they are kind of one and the same, but Christianity is just the way that I have learned to understand and communicate with God.

And, in fact, for me spirituality and health are closely related as well. If I had not become a Christian, I am not sure that I would have ever gotten into the health field. And studying and learning about health has helped me gain much deeper insights into God. The two are intimately connected for me. The human body is a miraculous thing - so much so that it has helped conclusively prove the existence of God to me. And God's word has helped me understand what true health is on a much deeper level.

This is why, when I write about something other than physical health, I view it as one and the same. Everything connects together. Your relationships impact your health. Financial imbalance causes stress which harms your health. And having a healthy relationship with your spiritual center helps to ground and calm you, deepening your breathing, and feeding your cells with healthy oxygen. Your muscles relax, your body moves into alignment, pain and tension subside. This is just one tiny example of the fact that.... Everything is connected.

This is the essence of holistic living.

I encourage you, if you have been neglecting your spiritual life, or you just haven't been able to seem to find a spiritual connection, to spend some time this week reflecting on what is important to you. Consider what your purpose is, and your place in the world. Check out our Daily Spirituality page, and try some of the suggested meditations. Start to pay attention to how connections manifest themselves in your life. And you will find you begin noticing these connections more and more. Spirit - a greater awareness outside of yourself - is always there for you to connect to, if you just look for it.

To your (holistic) health,


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