Sometimes it can seem like the world is too large (and messed up) for one person to ever really make a difference. War, famine, poverty, natural disasters - how are we really supposed to change anything - and should we even try?

The media bombards us with more bad news daily, until we start to feel like we don't even want to hear about the world's problems anymore - it's all too much to deal with.

But what if things really aren't as bad as we think? What if, instead of getting worse, going downhill, going "to hell in a handbasket," things are actually getting better? And what if it's up to each one of us, as individuals, innovators, thinkers, and doers, to make a difference each and every day, that adds up to a new and better world in the long run?

This is the subject of a really interesting book I'm currently reading, called "Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think."

While there are many parts of the book that I don't agree with (particularly on the topics of food and medicine, where the book seems to be leading in the direction of more automation, less personal attention, and more artificial foods made in a lab - ummm...yuck), there is no denying that a lot of progress is being made in a number of areas which can potentially solve many of the world's problems.

The book is also pretty inspiring in a lot of ways, as it describes the simple ideas that sparked many of these innovations and the people behind them (many of them one-person start-ups), and the basic premise is, anyone with an idea can change the world.

From a shortage of clean, drinkable water, to the decimation of arable land by livestock and industrial farming, to poverty in third-world countries, there are emerging technologies with promise for tackling each of these issues. And, as the book points out, the progress of technology over the past couple of decades is simply astounding. If anything, the potential for abundance throughout the world has been exponentially increasing in ways no one even imagined just 50 years ago.

To think that an impoverished African man in Zimbabwe could start an internet business using a cell phone, and actually make enough money to pull his family out of poverty would have been a pipe dream even 10 years ago - let alone 20.  But today it is happening all over the continent - and on other continents as well.

The opportunities that technology affords us are purely astounding, though so many of us already take them for granted. The truth is, we can't really imagine what the future will be like even 10 years from now with any accuracy....

The world is changing faster than ever before, and we are (all) in a unique position to be able to take advantage of these opportunities to make the world a better place.

For example, lately I have been inspired by a couple of people from the Millennial generation who are doing just this. (To borrow a term from the book, I will call them "social entrepreneurs.") While it seems the mainstream news about Millennials is always something about how they are "entitled," lazy, irresponsible, etc., there are some truly innovative young minds out there creating some really great things.

One of these people is an internet marketer whom I have followed for several years, named Anik Singal. (I confess I have spent way too much money on way too many of his programs over the years!)  :-)   But he truly is an inspiration to me. Filled with passion, ideas, energy, and love for what he does, Anik is the kind of person who you feel like you already know and want to hang out with, without ever actually meeting him in person. He is a highly successful marketer, and his mission is helping others start successful online businesses.

But it doesn't stop there. He is also involved in some wonderful projects like the Dream Centre, where he helps build schools in India to help inspire kids to learn and dream about ways that they can grow up and change the world. His mission here is truly awesome!

Another couple of social entrepreneurs who are changing the world are Greg Rollett and Nick Nanton of the Dicks & Nanton Agency out of Orlando, FL.  I actually have had the privilege of meeting these two wonderful young men (and the rest of their team) at a training conference for work a couple of years ago. These marketers help individuals, small companies, and businesses across the U.S. to build a successful brand and improve their online presence. They are highly successful, and having met them and seen how they work, I can recommend any of their products or services without hesitation.

However, they also do so much more. Not only are they passionate, caring, energetic and dynamic young entrepreneurs, they have been involved with the X-Prize competition, and the Entrepreneurs International Foundation, a non-profit which raises money "to encourage and lift up those in need" in Mexico. Their projects include several inspiring and award-winning documentaries.

These young people are truly making a difference in the world - with their enthusiasm (by the way, did you know that word actually means "God within"?), passion, energy, and dedication to making the world a better place.

But it doesn't matter what age you are. This spirit of innovation and creativity can be found in all of us - even you!

And even me.... Although I don't much see myself as an innovator (one marketing "profile" I once took rather accurately defined me as an "Adventurer" - someone who goes out and finds interesting/helpful/new information and brings it back to share with my readers (that would be you!)). :-)  However, I do have a mission - and it's a big one.

My mission is to help make the world a healthier place. And if I'm not exactly creating the solutions myself (at least not yet), I figure if I share enough good, truthful, actionable information about real health with enough people (and inspire them to further share it with others), it will make a difference.

Over the years, if even one of those thousands of pieces of information reaches the right one of those thousands of people at the right time, and inspires just one idea that changes the world, I will have accomplished my mission!

What about you? What is your mission? How do you want to change the world? I'm curious - let me know, and maybe I can help!

To your health and abundance,



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