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As you might expect, I'm subscribed to a LOT of health newsletters. Not only so I can keep abreast of the latest in natural health news (and bring it to you), but I also have a great (almost insatiable) love of learning, and I know there is always more out there for me to learn - especially when it comes to the growing field of natural health!

Lately, I kept seeing emails promoting this "cancer quiz" over and over. At first I just deleted them, thinking it was some sort of scammy promotion. But eventually, curiosity got the better of me, and I checked it out - especially since one of the senders is someone whose materials I normally really like and trust.

It turns out that it is actually being sponsored by a really cool organization called "Quest for the Cures," and their cancer-related website and informational video, The Truth About Cancer, which provides all sorts of interesting information and resources about cancer, the search for a cure, and natural cancer treatments that show potential.

Since cancer is now the 2nd leading cause of death in the U.S. (almost $20,000 people per day die from some form of cancer, and almost half of all people in the developed world will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life), learning all you can about it is pretty important.

However, there is a lot of confusing, conflicting, and just plain wrong information about there about cancer - especially when it comes to the natural side of things.

So I took the quiz, and the information it provided was very interesting. Click the link below to take it yourself. It's only 13 quick questions, so you'll have your cancer risk assessment in under 2 minutes.

Then you'll discover how to make just a few small changes in your life to (dramatically) reduce your cancer risk fast.

Take the short Cancer IQ Quiz here - I bet you'll be surprised at what you find out!

The organization is also holding a week-long panel discussion by several different natural health experts, where they will be sharing all sorts of cutting-edge info and research on cancer - its causes, and how we can prevent and possibly even cure it.

You can learn more and access these panel discussions for FREE on the quiz results page - so go take the quiz now, and be sure to stay tuned to learn more about this deadly disease - and how you can naturally prevent it from happening to you or your loved ones!


The panel starts on April 12th, so don't miss it! Take the quiz now, and reserve your free spot for this 9-part documentary series.



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