Healthy diet myths
If you're interested in health (which I assume you are, since you're reading this blog) :-) you've probably looked into a variety of different diets and eating plans.

One of the most popular diets right now (and maybe even one you  have tried) is the Vegan diet, and while it may work well for some people for a period of time, despite what "vegangelicals" will tell you, it's not necessarily the healthiest diet for everyone long-term.

How do you know when your diet isn't working for you? And if it's not, what changes should you make to ensure you are eating the healthiest foods for you?

I ran across this very interesting interview with author and blogger Kevin Gianni, who spent many years on a raw vegan diet. Here is his take on this type of eating, and how to find balance in your own diet and health journey - as well as how to listen to your body in order to determine what foods and types of eating really work best for you individually.  

Watch the video below to learn what Kevin says about healthy eating myths, "cheat days," blood tests, health fads, balanced eating, and even the healthiest types of wine.

Here is a quick rundown of what you will find in this video and when:
  • 4:00: Halfway to health: How Gianni connected the dots between nutrition and exercise
  • 8:00: How to know when a diet isn’t working for you
  • 15:00: “My hormones were at the level of an 85 year old grandfather” – The raw vegan struggle
  • 19:00: “You just went from vegan to yogurt-tarian” – How yogurt changed Gianni’s life
  • 26:00: “Kale and Coffee” – Can you drink your cold-pressed green juice and coffee too?
  • 28:00: Should you have cheat days?
  • 32:00: Should you try functional medicine blood tests?
  • 36:00: Blood tests: Where do you start?
  • 40:00: The red wine myth: Not all wine is created equal
  • 43:00:  Gianni’s wine recommendations

If you're questioning how to eat healthy, this interview will give you some great insights into how you can design a balanced, healthy eating plan that works for you as an individual, without simply following fads, or succumbing to judgement from others as to what you should eat.

Want to learn more? Check out Kevin's book, Kale & Coffee - you can find it in bookstores, or on


P.S. Thanks to our friends at PaleoHacks for bringing us this interesting interview!



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