We've been hot and heavy on serious health topics lately, so I thought it would be nice to take a break and share some lighter info today!

I ran across this article recently, and while these things all seem like common sense to me, it's amazing how many people really don't know that you shouldn't refrigerate these foods!

Whether refrigeration causes them to spoil faster or stop ripening, or reduces their health benefits, you're just better off not doing it.

Here are 7 foods you should never, ever refrigerate, and how to store them instead.

1. Bananas – You probably know this one, but storing bananas in the refrigerator can actually disrupt the ripening process.  In fact, once refrigerated, a banana may never be able to resume the ripening process....

2. Sweet Potatoes – When exposed to cold temperatures, starches found in potatoes will turn to sugar, disrupting their flavor and texture.... If you prefer tasteless potatoes that cause weight gain, however, please refrigerate.

3. Tomatoes – Ever had a really amazing tomato right out of the fridge?  Me either.  Tomatoes actually lose their flavor and become mushy when refrigerated.

4. Apples – Same as above, apples lose their texture and flavor when refrigerated.  Instead, place an apple in the fridge about 30 minutes before eating if you prefer your apples cold....

5. Onions – If you love soggy onions while also causing the rest of your food to taste and smell like onions, then you’ll definitely want to refrigerate your onions immediately.  Otherwise, try storing them in a paper bag (within a cool, dark cabinet) for maximum shelf-life.

6.  Avocados – Much like the banana, refrigeration shuts down an avocado’s ripening enzymes....

7. Coffee – Contrary to popular belief, coffee is best stored at room temperature to allow the natural oils within the coffee bean to activate its pungent aromatic scent….

Click here for the rest of the article, plus more healthy food tips.

There you have it - short & sweet this week!

Happy (and healthy) eating,



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