Unhealthy lunch
I saw this headline in my email inbox the other day, and thought, hmmm.... High-fructose corn syrup? Nope, that's got to be more than 49%. Hydrogenated oils? Processed foods? Milk? Bacon?  :-)

Actually, the truth is more surprising than that, because it's a food that many people think of as "healthy." And it's not an ingredient at all. In fact, it can make a whole meal, and is probably the most common lunch staple in America.

What is it, and why is it so unhealthy? Read on and find out....

 If you guessed "sandwiches," you'd be right!

If you remember a certain sandwich franchise's TV commercials from a few years back, you may recall that sub sandwiches were being tou
ted as the healthiest thing since, well, sliced bread. They were even portrayed as the main reason for a certain spokesperson's massive weight loss (misleading to say the least).

In actuality, most sandwiches are anything but good for your waistline.

But just why are sandwiches so bad for you?

Two big reasons:

#1. Processed Wheat Flour

This is quite possibly one of the greatest contributing factors in America's obesity problem - and of course, your sandwich is encased in it!

But wait, you're saying, I only eat whole wheat bread! That's good for me, right?

Not so fast. Although whole wheat bread may contain more fiber than white bread, whole wheat bread is still very high on the glycemic index, meaning that it actually raises your blood sugar higher than even a sugary soda pop!

What does that mean for you? It means high levels of insulin, and high levels of fat storage.

#2: Fatty, Sugary, Calorie-Rich Sauces

Most of those "special sauces" that come on your sandwich are not only packed with fat (usually containing processed vegetable oils high in artery-hardening trans fats), but they usually also contain some form of processed sugar as well. This double-whammy of calories is obviously not helpful for those trying to lose weight - or just stay in shape.

Throw on a stack of highly processed, pulverized, pasteurized lunch "meat" full of additives, preservatives, and other chemicals, and you've got a recipe for a health disaster!

Unfortunately, 49% of Americans eat at least one sandwich per day, and some eat more than one - all in the name of health (and of course, convenience).

So what are the alternatives? If you're looking for a healthy, fast, lunch that you can throw together in a few minutes, what are your options if sandwiches are off the table?

How about a delicious grass-fed beef burger patty topped with a fried egg from pasture-raised chickens and a fat slice of ripe tomato?

Or maybe a fresh green salad topped with grilled wild salmon, or walnuts and hard-boiled pastured eggs, with an extra-virgin olive oil vinaigrette dressing?


All it takes is a bit of planning (when you make dinner, think ahead to how you can use your leftovers for lunch the next day), and getting rid of the bread, and you're on your way to a tasty and much healthier lunch.

Your tastebuds will thank you - and so will your waist line!

 To your health (and enjoyment),



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