I recently ran across this funny tongue-in-cheek video which really drives home the main problem with our current healthcare system. Yes, it's kind of silly, but it's fun too - check it out below.

With our health as a nation now trailing much less developed countries, while our healthcare spending is literally billions more than any other country on earth, many people may be wondering, why don't we have a better system?

Why is the good old U.S. of A. - one of the world's largest superpowers - lagging in this oh-so-important area? 

Without getting all philosophical on you, or digging into the tangled web of political reasons (of which there are many), there is one clear answer that stands out, and which is illustrated brilliantly in this short animated video (watch it below).

That answer is.... US.

Yes, we are the problem.... And here's why:

Just like the treatment of "Skidmarks Disease" didn't make the town of Allopath any safer, modern healthcare system's focus on treating symptoms does little to help us truly get any healthier. On the contrary in fact, by always treating the symptoms instead of the root causes of our growing number of deadly modern diseases, these diseases only become more rampant.

Take cardiovascular disease, for example - and its related symptoms. Got diabetes? Pop a pill. Got high blood pressure? Pop a pill. Got high cholesterol? Stop eating all tasty, fat-containing foods (see my recent posts on the fallacy of this - plus at least one recent step in the right direction), and oh yeah, pop a pill.

(I heard a statistic a couple of years ago (though now I can't remember where), that the average 65 year-old American is on 15 different drugs. Ughhh!  Makes me sick....)

And all this with barely a  nod to the fact that cardiovascular disease is first and foremost a LIFESTYLE disease, caused by lifestyle choices! (Well, actually to be more specific, it's mostly caused by inflammation, which is caused by lifestyle choices.)

Don't doctors know this?  Of course they do! And I'm certainly not pinning all of the blame on doctors. The fact is, many of them do try to encourage their patients to live healthier, and make positive lifestyle changes.

And much to these doctors' frustration, many patients respond with, "isn't there a pill for this?"

Is it any wonder that our rate of heart disease, diabetes, and other related issues continued to skyrocket, even while we are taking more and more prescription drugs?

The truth is, the blame, and the responsibility, starts with US. It's not the fault of the doctors, the medical establishment, or even the pharmaceutical drug companies that we are quickly becoming the unhealthiest developed nation. Sure, some may take advantage of the situation to make a few (or a few billion) bucks, but when it comes right down to it, it all starts with you and I.

It is OUR responsibility to be healthy (or not), and it's up to us to make the daily choices that lead to health - or disease.

Unlike some countries, where things are more heavily regulated, here we are pretty much free to make just about any choice when it comes to our own health.

The price of this freedom, as I've mentioned before, is personal responsibility. You can look at that responsibility as a chore, or you can look at it - as I do - as a form of power. How you take responsibility for your own health will, most likely, ultimately determine how healthy you are in the end - and how long you live, and what quality of life you have while you're here.

It's up to you to learn to listen to your body, to pay attention to what your symptoms are telling you, to learn all you can about how to help your body achieve and maintain its natural state of health, and to put what you learn into action every day.

And that's what I'm here to help you do!

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Always exposing the Truth about health,



04/20/2015 2:17pm

Unlike some countries, where things are more heavily regulated, here we are pretty much free to make just about any choice when it comes to our own health.


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