Pardon me for climbing onto my soapbox for a bit today.... It seems that one of our greatest flaws as human beings is laziness. Or perhaps this is a particularly American flaw? We were not founded on laziness - indeed, our founding fathers (and mothers) espoused just the opposite. Personal responsibility was the word of the day, and is even the basis for our Constitution - the government was to give us the freedom to take responsibility for our own lives in most areas.

But somewhere these values seem to have been lost along the way.... Indeed, it now almost seems that we equate "freedom" with LACK of responsibility. In America today, we seem to think that to be "free" means to have others take care of everything for us, and that is a dangerous philosophy indeed.

Relying on someone else, whether it be your government, your doctor, or even your spouse to decide what is in your best interest and make your decisions for you is to be well on the way to losing all freedom entirely.

But I will try not to get too political today! As you may suspect, one of the areas where I am most concerned about this trend is health and our healthcare. (I use the term "healthcare" loosely here as what we commonly call "healthcare" is really sickcare.) While you may have your own views on politics, and how much control we have over the direction of our country and our nation, one thing we all DO have control over (at least so far) is our own health. And I'm not talking about health insurance or the "Affordable Care Act" or anything like that. (That, again, goes back to "sickcare.")

What I am talking about is our ability to take charge of our own health, and stay healthy and well - so that we hopefully rarely, if ever, truly need to resort to the use of our current "sickcare" system.
In days gone by, matters of hygiene were responsible for many illnesses and disease. Indeed, we have made many strides towards better health and sanitation since then. And I'm certainly not saying there aren't thousands of well-meaning and intelligent doctors and other healthcare professionals in our medical system today. There certainly are. And they can be of great use to us in times of need.*

What I am saying is that I am noticing a dangerous trend of people going to the doctor and taking a pill for every little thing. Remember that pharmaceutical drugs, while they certainly do have their place in certain circumstances, aren't natural to your body. As one of my favorite health newsletter authors is fond of saying, "there's no such thing as a drug deficiency." 

While in some cases, a drug can do wonders at helping suppress certain symptoms (i.e. pain, bleeding, etc.) while your body heals itself, remember that drugs themselves do NOT heal - any doctor worth his/her salt will tell you that! The ONLY thing that can heal is your body itself. (This explains the "mystery" of why two people with the exact same disease and the exact same symptoms on the exact same drug can have two completely different outcomes - one's body healed, and the other didn't. One had the natural resources in his or her body to combat the illness and heal, and the other didn't. If drugs actually healed people, every person taking a drug would have the same outcome.)

Pharmaceutical drugs are absolutely fabulous at doing exactly what they were created to do: suppressing symptoms. However, they are completely useless at what they are so often advertised/promoted for: healing disease. If you were truly healed by a drug, what would happen when you stopped taking it? You wouldn't need it anymore! How many times do you hear your doctor tell you you can stop taking all those drugs he or she put you on? Very seldom - except for in the cases of things like temporary pain, injury, a rash, etc. But not often in the case of real disease or dysfunction.

Take your time to think about these facts, and draw your own conclusions. I'm not going to go into some big conspiracy theory regarding the drug industry. Neither am I going to
point out the political connections that allow the aforementioned advertising/promotion to the general public to occur. That is just useless finger-pointing, which again, is the opposite of personal responsibility.

Instead, what I want us all to think about, research, and learn, is how to make your body the healthiest it can be. How to give it the tools it needs for a rock-solid immune system, a strong, flexible musculature, a healthy and stable weight for your body type, and a happy and balanced brain chemistry.
All of these things are 100% achievable via natural means. God made your body to function this way. It is up to you to maintain it and keep it working the way that it was meant to.

It's not up to the government. It's not up to your doctor. It's up to YOU.

If you're visiting this site, presumably you're one of those people who is seeking ways to take back control of your own life and health. And I commend you for it! My goal and mission is to provide you with an ongoing source of tools and resources to educate yourself on how to do this. Please browse through all the pages and available resources on our site, check this blog often, and be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter so that you won't miss out on any valuable information pertaining to keeping you out of the "sickcare" system.

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* One last caveat - if you need to see a doctor, see one! Do some research and try to find a qualified doctor who is familiar with and open to the use of alternative therapies that help the body to heal - even if they're not pharmaceutically-based. Barring that, at least find one that is not just a "pill-pusher," and treats the body as a whole system, instead of just focusing on symptoms. It may take a bit of digging, but they are out there, and worth the effort to find.


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