Healthy eating tips
As you hopefully know by now, eating healthy isn't about "dieting" - it's about making healthy food habits a regular part of your lifestyle.

But as simple as this sounds, for many people, it just isn't that easy. If you have grown up eating junk food regularly, eating out all the time, or not having healthy, home-cooked meals readily available, eating healthy probably just doesn't come naturally to you. But this doesn't mean it's impossible. It simply means you might have to work a little bit harder at first to build good eating habits into your daily life.

First of all, let's clear up a couple of myths.

Eating healthy doesn't mean giving up all of your favorite foods! It doesn't mean you have go vegan, give up ice cream, or stop enjoying those holiday chocolate martinis with friends.

What it does mean is learning a bit about the food you eat - both what's in it, and where it comes from. It means becoming more conscious about your food choices. And it means learning to cook at least some of your own meals for yourself. If you can embrace these three things, you will automatically start eating much healthier.

But just for kicks, here are 5 more healthy eating rules from registered dietician, Abby Langer, that will help you build healthier food habits, while still enjoying what you eat!

I thought I would mix things up a bit this week by sharing a really strange and fascinating technique for naturally improving your health and wellness, mental state, and well, just about any aspect of your life...

When I first heard this technique briefly mentioned on a webinar I was attending, I thought it sounded like the weirdest thing ever, but it sounded so intriguing, I just had to find out more!

And yes, it is strange indeed, but this simple method can help dramatically improve many aspects of your life in just a few minutes per day, and you can do it just about anywhere - even in bed, in the shower, or (my favorite) in the car on your way to work (as long as you don't care about receiving some strange looks from other drivers). :-)

Typically I personally use this technique to relieve stress and anxiety, or remove mental blocks, but many other  users have reported a number of other benefits, including pain relief, weight loss, improved relationships, and even increased wealth. It truly is a holistic method, which is why I wanted to share a bit more about it with you today.

Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit
I'm back! "Blogging Break Week" was awesome, and I got to work on a number of projects I hadn't had time to focus on over the past few busy months. I also got a lot of stuff done in the garden, and it was a nice break.

But, a bit to my surprise, I actually missed blogging before the week was even half over! So it's good to be back, and I've been busy lining up all of our regular blog posts for the week.

If you haven't checked out our other blogs, you can find them at,, and - come on by and check out some of our articles on these special topics!

I also wanted to let you know about a really awesome online event coming up in just a few days. One of my absolute favorite publications (both online and offline) is Mother Earth News. I've learned so many awesome tips about gardening, homesteading, and sustainable living there! If you're a Mother Earth News fan, you may already know about the annual Mother Earth News Fair. These awesome events provide people with loads of workshops, hands-on-learning opportunities, and the chance to meet many like-minded individuals interested in living a healthier, more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. However, if they're not in your local area, you've probably never had a chance to attend.

That's why I'm super excited that, for the first time ever, Marjorie Wildcraft from the awesome Grow Network has teamed up with Mother Earth News to bring you the first ever ONLINE version of the Mother Earth News Fair - the Mother Earth News Homesteading Summit!

Leaves changing
Fall always feels like a time of change to me. Some people get all excited about spring cleaning, or making plans for summer, but for me, fall is always the time when I want to clean out the closets, reorganize the house, and plan out the next few months. The clutter of the year seems to be piling up, and it's time for a fresh start - or something...  (Maybe that's why Election Day is in the fall??)  :-)

Anyway, this year, I'm implementing a new strategy to (hopefully) help me get - and stay - on track with everything. Much as I love blogging, it takes a ton of time, and sometimes (a lot of the time), that means neglecting other things that need to get done - like planning, strategizing, or just plain taking a rest and doing something else for a few days!

So, I'm implementing "Blogging Break Week." For one whole week, I am taking a break from blogging on ALL of my blogs, and tackling a bunch of other projects that I have been putting off.

Some of those projects may even impact you, dear reader!