Fresh fruit
We've all heard how much healthier organic foods are for you, but we also know that buying only organic foods can get pricey pretty quickly. If you want to make your food dollars work efficiently for you, and get the most bang for your buck, so to speak, while still taking care of your health, there are a few strategies you can use to eat healthy without going broke.

We've shared some tips for saving money on organic food in previous posts, so I won't cover those again here today, but be sure to check those out as well. (Of course, the best way of all is to grow your own food! But we'll save that for another day.)

One great way to make sure you're eating healthy is to choose whole, unprocessed foods. Processed foods command a premium, as we have previously mentioned. You're paying a lot for someone else to process and package your food for you - and in the process, you're also losing nutritional value. Whole, natural, unprocessed foods are cheaper by the pound than any seemingly "cheap" processed items you can buy - and better for you, to boot. Want to save money on food - and eat healthier? Buy the fresh, unprocessed ingredients, and make it yourself!

But another thing to be aware of is that some foods are more important to buy organic than others. You can strategically save money and still buy and eat healthy foods, if you know which non-organically raised foods to avoid, and which ones are okay to eat. That way, you can put the "organic" portion of your food dollars towards foods that really shouldn't be eaten any other way.

Healthy eating
I've noticed something interesting about our weekly email updates that we send out to our subscribers. Whenever we send one that focuses on something like improving relationships, or financial balance, fewer people open the update than when we send one that directly addresses a specific physical health topic like healthy eating, or fighting disease.

From a marketing standpoint, you might say that in that case, it would be better not to focus on those topics. But this defeats the purpose of our main premise of holistic living - that is, that everything is connected!

While most people may think that being healthy simply means eating foods that are good for you, and getting enough exercise, in fact, we feel that True health goes much deeper than that.

Prescription drugs
If I was your doctor* and you came to see me for a routine checkup, and I told you that you needed to get on this special drug right away because you have high cholesterol, would you do it?

Shocking as it sounds, millions of people would say "yes" (and over 43 million have, to their own doctors), without much more information than that!

Unfortunately, what millions of doctors are not telling you could actually kill you, even though this drug is (unfortunately) perfectly legal to prescribe and to take. So let me tell you a bit more about this type of drug, and see if you still say yes....

What if I told you this drug will lower your cholesterol, BUT the side effects include diabetes, cataracts, muscle weakness and deterioration,
debilitating joint pain, liver damage, drug-induced lupus, digestive issues including diarrhea and constipation, memory loss, and increased risk of developing Alzheimers disease, ALS, and MS? (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8).

What if I then told you that this drug has basically no tangible benefit to the vast majority of the people who take it, and that while it will lower your cholesterol, what it will not do is reduce your risk of developing heart disease, or dying from a heart attack or stroke?

And finally, what if I told you that this is one of the most profitable drugs on the market, and by prescribing it to you, I will receive a great kickback?

Are you still saying "yes"???

AsparagusThis picture isn't mine, but the ones below
are. I will try to post an updated pic when
ours come up!
Typically we would blog about this on our gardening blog, but as this activity actually encompasses a number of different holistic living topics (gardening, healthy eating, sustainable living, and of course, exercise!), I decided to write about my asparagus planting adventure here for you today.

For those of you who have never planted asparagus before, don't let this deter you - just be prepared for the amount of work it will take! And for those of you who have - well, you know what I'm talking about when I say that after this weekend I now know for sure that I'm a real gardener!  :-)

Anti-aging foods
We're all getting older. It's just a fact of life. But depending on your lifestyle choices, you can seem (and feel) a lot younger than your years! By living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, you can not only live longer, but get more living out of the years you have left.

How you treat your body, including what toxins you expose it to, what activities you participate in, how much sleep you treat it to, and most importantly - what foods you feed it - can really impact both the quality and length of your life.

This week, I wanted to discuss 7 common foods that are packed with some of the most powerful anti-aging nutrients available to help you maintain a healthy body and mind long into your senior years.

And I'm not talking about expensive, impossible-to find "superfoods" from some exotic Amazon forest here. In fact, you may be surprised to see some of the foods on this list.... (Hint: You probably have most of them in your kitchen right now!)