Amazing facts about your body
So many of us (even in the natural health world) have a negative view of our bodies.

We aren't happy with their shape, size, or weight. Or even if we are, we complain about aches and pains, treating injuries as if they were a betrayal by our bodies, rather than a response to mistreatment. Or we bemoan the signs of aging we see, like wrinkles, or thinning hair, or loss of muscle tone.

It is as if we view our bodies as an enemy - or at best, a reluctant ally that we just have to put up with throughout our lives.

But your body (yes, even YOUR body) is amazing!

If we were to actually take the time to learn how our amazing bodies work, we might understand them better, and be more forgiving. We might also take a lot better care of them, meaning they might stay healthier - and help us stick around on this planet for a little while longer. 

Below are 5 amazing facts about your body. When you read this, take the time to really think about how awesome each of these facts is, and give your body some love and appreciation for all of the wonderful things it can do!

Fake meat
Plant-based diets have become all the rage in the past decade or so - with more and more people moving towards vegan or vegetarian eating plans.

However, while eating less meat is certainly an admirable goal - both for health and environmental reasons, it is also important that we take a good look at what is replacing meat in our diets.

If you are going to stop eating meat completely, what are you eating in its place?

I ask this because I have known vegans who rave all day about how wonderful it is to be vegan, and how everyone else should be as well, and how eating vegan has made them so much healthier, etc., yet when you take a look at what they eat, it consists in large part of highly processed vegetable oils and grains (along with artificial colorings, thickeners, preservatives, flavorings, etc.) - none of which are AT ALL healthy. (In fact, cleanly sourced meats are, in my opinion, MUCH better for you than these "Franken-foods.")

In particular, one type of processed foods that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years due to the "plant-based" eating movement is fake meats or meat substitutes. Fake meats are touted as being healthier, more sustainable, and more ethical than real meat - but are they really?

Today we take a closer look at the world of fake meats to find out...

How your mind can heal your body
I've got something a bit different for you this month for your "February Freebie..."  But it's really cool and I can't wait to share it with you!

I wrote about this last year, but this year I'm even more excited because I've had a chance to learn more about this amazing technique and how it can help improve your health dramatically - and it's so simple and easy to do! I have actually been using it myself for a few years, but I have practiced it a lot more over the past few months, and done a lot more research on it as well.

Most recently, I used it to help kick a cold before I even got sick, and am now working on my chronic heartburn... I will have to let you know how it goes, but there is an entire event surrounding this amazing health technique starting this week, and I wanted to make sure you don't miss it!

The pre-event starts Monday, and you can register to watch the entire thing for FREE through this link:

Below is a link to the first video, which I thought you would find very interesting. It is about how much influence your mind actually has over your body and your physical health. Check it out below...