Pre-packaged salad
I read an interesting article the other day about how much the "convenience premium" really costs you when buying convenience foods. Most people don't think about the fact that they pay a premium for foods that are partially prepared for them. When considering the things you can do to save money, buying whole foods and preparing them yourself is quite a bit cheaper. Is it really worth it to buy pre-cut vegetables, when you can easily chop them yourself in just a few minutes?

As the author points out, you might save 2 minutes by not chopping your own onions, but you also had to work extra to pay for the convenience of having the onions pre-chopped - which means more time at work, and less time with your family, friends, or just relaxing and taking care of yourself.
So how much did you really save?
While it may just seem like a few dollars here and there, it certainly adds up over time - especially with the amount of "convenience" foods that so many families buy on a regular basis. 

Healthy eating
We all know it's no fun to be hungry, but even more than that, hunger can derail even the best intentions to eat healthy. When you're hungry is when the cravings arise, and the next thing you know, you're face down in a bag of Doritos, with a box of Oreos on the side.

If you crave foods that aren't so good for you, it can seem a daily struggle to eat healthier. But there are ways to change your eating habits - without giving up all of the foods you love.

Here are three tips to curb those bothersome cravings, and keep yourself on track with your healthy eating goals.

Senior citizen
A few of our readers have asked us to post more articles on specific diseases and natural remedies, so I will try to throw a few of these in from time to time! This week we're talking about one of the most dreaded diseases - and one of the most common to affect our aging population: Alzheimer's disease. This progressive degenerative (and fatal) brain disease affects an estimated one in three seniors in America, and is the fifth leading cause of death in those 65 or older, according to

Families of those with Alzheimer's disease are also affected, as they watch their loved ones slip away before their eyes, forgetting everything that made them who they were, and becoming someone else entirely. It is a frightening thing - both for those afflicted with the disease, and for those who care for them. And the incidence of Alzheimer's only continues to rise.

Is there any hope for a cure? Will this dreadful disease eventually afflict us all as we age? While no one can know for sure,  in fact there are some signs of hope - if not for a cure, then at least for preventative measures that we can all take today to ensure our future health and longevity.