Eggs & Bacon
The timing seems a bit fishy, coming right on the heels of our recent post about eggs.... Is the government reading our blog and stealing my ideas?? LOL!  But yes indeed, apparently the U.S. government is revising dietary guidelines to say that eating cholesterol is actually okay, according to last week's article in the Washington Post.

This comes after 40+ years of cholesterol being the beloved villain of the media, doctors, and government warnings, but apparently, according to the co-chair of the task force arranged by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association in 2013 to look at dietary cholesterol studies, “Looking back at the literature, we just couldn’t see the kind of science that would support dietary restrictions."


Sitting at desk
No, I'm not talking about how much you hate your boss, or how much your job stresses you out. I'm also not talking about those who have obviously dangerous jobs and are exposed to large amounts of chemicals during a regular workday. What I'm talking about is something much more insidious, as it is only just beginning to be recognized as dangerous to your health.

I'm talking about sitting at a desk all day.

If you're anything like me, you are in front of a computer for 8+ hours on a regular work day. While a few offices have recently enacted standing or walking desks for their employees, they are by far the minority. And most people, after sitting at a desk all day, then come home and sit in front of the TV for several hours.

You may think the only harm this is doing to you is an aching back and a stiff neck, but researchers are finding this isn't the case. In fact, sitting for long periods of time - as so many of us do in today's modern world - is linked to all kinds of diseases and health problems. There's even a popular new term being used to describe this phenomenon; it's called "sitting disease."

If you're one of those people who has a desk job, you are at high risk for sitting disease. Read on to find out why this is so bad for your health, and what you can do about it....

As with many of my posts, this one was inspired by something I heard in passing, and have been thinking about lately. Last Christmas, I wrote a post about living a rich and satisfying life. Part of that life for me, for the past 10+ years, has been being involved with my church, and learning to know God through Christianity. But although I do consider myself a Christian, there are still parts of the typical Christian teachings that just don't sit right with me.

One great example is the focus on the afterlife, especially to the exclusion of life here on earth. While I understand the concept, and can appreciate the value of not getting too caught up in the material things of this world, on the other hand I feel that this can be a really dangerous way of thinking...

"All through the morning, they lay in their beds,
While visions of chicken coops danced in their heads...."
Snowy window sceneWinter on the "back 40."
It's only the beginning of February, so it's too early for spring fever, right?? In Central Ohio, we still have at least 2 full months of winter left, but we can't wait for spring! Being in a new home, with acres of farmland lying fallow, and nothing but dreams to sustain us through these cold, snowy months, we are already getting a bit stir-crazy.

I try to console myself by making lists of seed packets, drawing out garden beds in my garden planner, and fantasizing about canning tomatoes and making jam, but it's not much of a consolation prize. I've already planned out exactly what will be planted in each of the 20 bales in our hay-bale garden, as well as another garden patch made with more traditional dirt beds. I've also listed out which seeds need to be started indoors, and when (I still have 2 months before it's time for that), when everything else needs to be planted outside, and where the herbs and flowers will be planted. Seed catalog dreams can only take you so far. At some point you just want to get outdoors!