Natural fermentation recipe
I have talked at length before about the benefits of probiotic bacteria for good health. A healthy gut bacterial balance is essential for overall good health - something that most people in the modern world seem to have forgotten!

One of the best ways to establish and maintain healthy gut bacteria is to eat fermented foods on a regular basis. This is something that we in America rarely do anymore. In fact, the only fermented food that still remains popular in our culture today is yogurt, and often store-bought yogurts are packed with so much sugar and contain so little live bacteria as to be all but useless.

I highly encourage you, for the sake of your health, to start consuming more fermented foods! The recipe below is a great way to do so. If you don't like cabbage, you can also pickle other vegetables using natural fermentation methods. And there are plenty of other fermented foods you can make as well, including yogurt (which is super easy to make at home), kefir, and kombucha tea.

Natural fermentation is not only easy to do at home, but it is also safe, and really fun! And once you develop a taste for fermented foods, you'll probably start to crave them like I do. :-)

Here's how to make a classic naturally fermented sauerkraut - plus a variation for spicy kimchi if you're feeling more adventurous. (Note: This recipe makes approximately 1 quart, but may easily be doubled if desired. The kimchi recipe may make about 1 1/2 quarts due to the additional ingredients. To make a half-gallon, use a larger head of cabbage, and double the salt.)

Food sustainability
It's no secret that eating in America has become an ongoing dilemma, with books and articles abounding about the confusion of food choices. Along with the health aspect, many conscientious consumers are also concerned about the environmental impact, safety, and treatment of the food they eat. 

For example, is an organic egg better than a conventional one, or one with extra Omega-3 fatty acids? And if so, in what way? Which is safer, healthier, or better for the environment? Which ensures more humane treatment of animals? And what do all those egg labels really mean anyway?

Almond butter giveaway
Welcome to our first giveaway of 2017! As promised, we plan to give you something for free every month this year. Sometimes it may be valuable information for living a healthier life, or helping you to achieve your most important health goals, such as a free report or e-book. And sometimes it will something more tangible - like a jar of tasty, creamy, non-GMO almond butter!

This month's gift is delicious, creamy, healthy, and contains only one ingredient: Almonds! Skip the additives, unhealthy oils, and sugars, and treat yourself to a rich, creamy, protein-packed nut butter that makes a great alternative to the sugary nut butter "spreads" on store shelves.

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Echinacea tea
Ugh... As if the cold and dreariness weren't bad enough, January and February are notorious for illnesses such as cold and flu. While most people succumb to one of these illnesses from time to time, you can minimize your chances by taking care of yourself - eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise and sleep, and taking appropriate supplements to boost your immune system and stay in tip-top shape.

One of the most popular herbs for preventing colds and flu is echinacea. You can find echinacea in herbal teas, some energy supplements, or in standalone supplements. While echinacea is purported to have benefits for several aspects of health, including pain reduction, laxative support, and even mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, it is most commonly known for its effect in supporting immunity and reducing inflammation. This is why you will often see it listed as an ingredient in immune-boosting teas and supplements.

While you can certainly buy these, you may also wish to try making your own. This way you can be sure of exactly what is in your tea, and you can add other additional immune-enhancing ingredients as well if desired.

Here are some tips and guidelines for making your own immune-boosting echinacea tea:*

Happy New Year! I'm back from vacation and ready to start a fresh new year - whew! It is good to be able to say goodbye to 2016, and I'm excited to move forward and see what this year has in store... :-)

I thought I would kick off the new year by sharing some interesting research that is being done in the field of neuroscience. We are only just beginning to understand the prodigious power our brains possess, but so far the research has revealed some very exciting findings. While books such as "The Secret" have become popular in recent years, few people truly understand how to use the power of their brains to achieve their most important life goals - or that such a thing is even possible.

If you would like to learn more about how you can use the power of your mind to accomplish your goals this year - whether those goals are in the area of health, wealth, or any other aspect of your life - you will definitely want to pay attention.